Andy's Got Your Back on an inheritance scam

Andy's Got Your Back on an inheritance scam

(WMC TV) - One gullible and hopeful couple lost their life savings in an inheritance scam.

Pamela Peddie said her husband Harry received a life-changing e-mail while she was away caring for her sick parents.

"It was a letter saying he had inherited money from a relative who had died," said Peddie.

The money was $8 million. All Harry had to do was pay a fee to collect the inheritance.

That would be a red flag to most of us. But not Harry Peddie. Harry stared writing checks to a nameless, faceless source he never spoke to or confirmed.

After the first payment, the source came up with excuses for why he needed even more money.

Incredibly, Harry Peddie mailed almost a half million dollars -- what amounted to his and Pamela's entire retirement income.

"His spirit is broken. He sits in his robe all day," said Pamela.

U.S. postal inspectors were able to track down the scum who suckered the Peddies, but they'll be the first to tell you:  no one should fall for this.

"Before you send money, check or a credit card number, be sure you trust where it is going because if it is a scam, you will never see that money again," said U.S. Postal Inspector Michael Desroisres.

A simple rule of thumb is if you have to pay something in order to collect something that's already lawfully yours -- like an inheritance -- it's a scam each and every time.

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