'Feed Moncrief' video goes viral during Egg Bowl

'Feed Moncrief' video goes viral during Egg Bowl

(WMC-TV) - Ole Miss defeated Mississippi State University in the Egg Bowl over the weekend, but the real story coming out of the game is a video about star player Donte Moncrief.

The video is called "Feed Moncrief" and it is now going viral.

Ole Miss students Patrick Haadsma and Blake Pruett are local celebrities on campus after making the rap video centered around wide receiver Donte Moncrief.

The phrase "Feed Moncrief" was coined to encourage more passes to be thrown in his direction, but now there are t-shirts and even a hashtag on Twitter.

"Our friends did the shirts and that took off so we had this idea to do the video," said Patrick Haadsma.

More than 40,000 have watched video since it was posted to YouTube five days ago.

The video also caught the attention of the football team and athletic department because it was played several times during Saturday's Egg Bowl where Moncrief was "fed" often.

"People loved it, he was on there chewing up, and I was just like, 'This is it,' and people loved it so it's been an awesome experience," said Blake Pruett, who helped create the song.

Moncrief is even seen engaging the audience with his moves. And after scoring three touchdowns in the game, he was named SEC Co-Offensive player of the week. It is even more reason for this group to hope the feeding frenzy continues into the postseason.

Ole Miss will play in a bowl game, but it remains unclear which game the team will be invited to.

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