Family of wounded soldier will be home for the holidays

Family Of Wounded Soldier Will Be Home For The Holidays

(WMC-TV) - Taylor Odom's mother wants her son home in Olive Branch by Christmas. It looks like that may happen despite problems the family has had trying to bring home the wounded Mid-South soldier. Army Private Odom has a long road to recovery after a training accident at Fort Carson in Colorado.

"He was in a coma," said Jennifer Palazola-Herrin, Odom's mother. "He has broken ribs and his pelvis is completely crushed."

Odom a 2012 graduate of Horn Lake High was one of five soldiers injured when a humvee he was riding in rolled over in an accident during a training exercise about 15 miles from Fort Carson. The accident happened just 3 weeks into his military career.

His mother, who is in Colorado with the 19-year-old, wants him home for Christmas.

"Right now he needs his family and friends so much and the doctor told me there is no reason why he should be here," Palazola-Herrin said. "He should be home."

Odom's long list of medical problems means he needs special transportation to get from Colorado to Horn Lake. The military said the family should pay part of the cost, which is about $5,000.

There is a campaign on Facebook to raise money and bring Taylor home.

There is also help from Mississippi State representative Chuck Espy, who has been working to make that happen.

"He's been a great young man," Odom's mother said. "He made a decision to fight for America. At his time of need, we need to stand with him and help his family."

Espy said he is trying to work something out with the National Guard and other groups and he should know something in 48 hours.

State Representative Espy says there is a lot to work out but he is confident it will happen. Odom's family has set up a fund at Merchant's and Farmer's Bank in Southaven for anyone in helping.

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