New volunteer fire truck damaged a second time

New Volunteer Fire Truck Damaged A Second Time

(WMC-TV) - She was described as a beauty when she arrived a year ago in the small community of Edmondson Arkansas. Now her beauty is marred after the volunteer fire department's truck has been damaged…twice.

"We seen it when we went by in the other truck and didn't think nothing about it telling him on the radio look out for that car sitting there," Edmondson Fire Chief, Michael Dozier said.

But the Edmondson fire chief wishes he had let the driver of the year old, 160-thousand dollar fire truck know about the car left on the side of the road because the driver ran out of gas.

The pumper has a fender that looks like a huge animal bit a chunk out of it and the attachments for the hoses are bent. The accident occurred around 4:30 Monday morning.

The driver of the fire truck thought he hit a coyote when he got out to look he didn't see the car that had been pushed 4 feet away. He didn't even know the fire truck was damaged.

The Edmondson volunteer fire department along with two other volunteer fire departments had been called to a fire at a house around 5 o'clock Sunday night. A family was inside and got out safely.

"We saved part of the house, but part of it burned down," Dozier said. There's no water supply out there. The purpose of this truck is hauling the water."

The crash happened when the fire flamed up again several hours later and the firefighters made a second trip.

This is the same truck that was damaged when the same driver hit the fire house door in a tight squeeze backing it into the station in September. It knocked off a piece of aluminum and damaged the building.

The door to the fire house will be widened Friday.

"It's real important for our department and other departments to stay up and running to protect the people in the area," Dozier said.

The entire 16 member Edmondson volunteer fire department will be doing tanker operator classes from the state fire academy soon.

Insurance will pay for the damage to the truck and the car. And the fire truck does still work

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