Powerball fever sweeps Mid-South

Powerball Fever Sweeps Mid South

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – Powerball fever is sweeping the Mid-South and the nation. Right now, the jackpot is close to half a billion dollars. But what would you do with all of that money?

Picking your lottery numbers, the right ones could open a world of possibilities.

"Half a billion dollars. What would I do, Wow. The sky is the limit isn't it!" said Terry Creedon.

Some would take to the sky.

"Going to Australia," said Huey Griffin. "I've been there before and everything and it's a beautiful country."

Hey, why not. You'd be a multi-millionaire. Though, other lottery plans are a bit more practical.

"A new house. There you go!" said Joyce Berryman.

For some even the slight chance of life changing wealth offers a happy thought after years of a touch economy.

"It's the redneck 401k," said Chuck House. "The economy sucks and people start investing in this. This is silly I know but what else you got?"

If hopes aren't already high, all they have to do is look on the side of the wall here and see people have won at this gas station. Even 200-thousand dollars.

If you wonder where your money goes when you buy a lottery ticket, CNN Money reports 60 percent of the money is paid out in winnings with only about 25 percent going back to the states.

The stores that sell the tickets get five to six percent as commission.

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