Members clean up damage to Millington church after overnight fire

Members clean up damage to Millington church after overnight fire

(WMC-TV) – Church members are cleaning up and thankful after an overnight fire damaged St. William Catholic Church.

Church members are struggling with what they are calling a devastating loss, but one part of the church miraculously survived the flames.

The fire happened in the office portion of the church, and that area is completely burned down.

"You know when you been here for so many years and you see the church burned its kind of depressing," said church member Juan Ayala .

Church members are heart broken over all the charred wood and other damage.

"This is the church that I've been raised in all 30 years of my life - baptized in this church - married in this church had both my children baptized in this church," said Wendy Strevel. 

Firefighters said the office area was well involved when they arrived on the scene around midnight.

Flames left a trail of charred wood smoke and other damage.

The office area that burned is separated from the main sanctuary by a firewall, and that firewall that kept the blaze from spreading.

"It's part of the construction, so that prevents the fire from going from one section to the other,"said Millington Assistant Fire Chief Danny Turpin.

And while the main sanctuary did suffer some smoke and water damage to the carpet, members see it as a blessing that the sanctuary was not burned.
"Thank God we had the wall in there that kept the church from burning," said Ayala. 

The church's family life center was not damaged and right now church leaders are holding meetings to determine when they will resume day care classes and worship activities.

The cause of the fire has not yet been released.

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