What's next after municipal schools ruling?

What's next after municipal schools ruling?

(WMC-TV) – What happens now that the judge ruled municipal schools in Shelby County are unconstitutional? Action News 5 is talking to leaders on the school board to find out – and there is now talk of compromise.

"You want your public schools to be the best they can be and how do we get a system to where everyone feels that's what we have," said Dr. Jeff Warren, Unified School Board member.

Memphis physician Jeff Warren, who is a member of the Unified School Board, is looking for compromise one day after Judge Mays' ruling.

"The TPC plan says we're to divide into four major regions and each of those regions could have some semi-autonomy," he said.

His example is to convert some schools into charter schools and have those elected municipal school board members serve on a charter school board, giving parents and school leaders the ability to make direct decisions with those schools while being a part of the unified Shelby County School District.

"Schools in Germantown, they've got an elected board there. Maybe we sit down and talk and say, 'Why don't you make this a charter school system within our school system? We give you these four schools, you'll be the charter board for those schools and we'll still all be in Shelby County schools but you'll be a charter,'" explained Warren.

It is a working theory while the school board begins planning for one unified school district in 2013.

"Everybody on our board is trying to make this work. How do we make it work? And I think once the people in the suburbs realize that we're trying to make it work for them too, then maybe we'll find some compromise," he said.

It is a compromise they will discuss soon, before the end of the year.

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