Former CEO of Mo' Money Taxes plans to open new business

Former CEO of Mo' Money Taxes plans to open new business

(WMC-TV) - With a new name and a new commercial, Markey Granberry is back in business.  The controversial former CEO of Mo' Money Taxes plans to open his new business in late December.

Until Wednesday, he has declined all interviews, but he is opening up to Action News 5 to talk on behalf of his loyal customers and his credibility.

After a federal investigation, Mo Money is changing its name to Marqui$ Taxe$.

"Well, we didn't want to go with Mo Money Taxes because it has so many bad ties to it," said Granberry.

Those bad ties include an 'F' rating with the Better Business Bureau, hundreds of customer complaints regarding bounced refund checks, and a congressional hearing called for by Congressman Steve Cohen.

"We were never responsible, it wasn't our software, it was all a third party vendor," said Granberry.

Granberry claims the investigation is complete and his name has been cleared.

Action News 5's Jerica Phillips contacted the U.S. Department of Justice to confirm that case has been closed and a spokesperson responded by email saying, "We would have no comment on this matter...sorry we're unable to help at this time."

"Behind doors I was in touch with the investigators as well," said Granberry.

Granberry says he complied with the feds, even offering to help his customers get their refunds.

He says they are loyal clients that will be back, because they want "Mo Money".

Loyal clients he says will be back...because they want Mo Money.

"I plan to be in the tax business. This is what I've been doing for 17 years and my customers can feel safe at Marqui$ Taxe$," he said.

While the U.S. Department of Justice would not confirm nor deny whether their investigation is complete, in October, the Memphis owner of the Mo' Money Taxes franchise in St. Louis was arrested along with four other employees on tax fraud charges.

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