23 member board discusses proposed school closures

23 member board discusses proposed school closures
A meeting of the unified Shelby County School Board comes three days after superintendents Kriner Cash and John Aitken presented their list of proposed school closures.

Schools on the chopping block are Coro Lake, White's Chapel, Orleans, Norris and Gordon elementary schools.

Humes Middle School could be turned into an arts academy for middle and high school students.

The 23 member board is hearing why the district feels these schools should be closed.

Primarily, it's because all are underutilized.

In other words, the student capacity is far below what the schools were designed to handle.

The board has already heard from a number of concerned students, parents and staff members - mostly from Gordon Elementary.

"Why close Gordon? A school with 400 students, not on the failing list at all, and using 96 percent of all of its space?" said school counselor Myrtle Malone.

This is not a public hearing.

Though a number of parents and other interested citizens have shown up.

Any vote here tonight will only begin the process of conducting impact studies and a series of public meetings.

If anything is decided tonight then Jason Miles will have an update at 10 p.m..

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