Shelby Co. Schools merger outcome could impact DeSoto Co.

Shelby Co. Schools merger outcome could impact DeSoto Co.
(WMC-TV) - There's already lots of growth in DeSoto County and some think it may spike depending on the final outcome of the merger decision in Memphis.

Dick Leike with Crye-Leike realty says it's too soon to tell if Judge Samuel Mays' recent ruling on municipal schools in Shelby County bring more folks south across the state line.

"Schools are an emotional issue for a lot of folks and we just don't have answers, it's not the time to make a decision on what you want to do," said Leike.

DeSoto County schools are often recognized as one of the top districts in Mississippi, causing some to speculate people against the merger may move.

"I have friends that have actually said they would rather be in DeSoto County," said DeSoto County resident Tammy Perry. 

But with so much uncertainty about the future of a Unified School District, others say it would be a difficult decision

"I'm sure they would love to stay there, they have family they have friends, and it takes a lot to uproot and go to a new environment and get adjusted all over again," said DeSoto County resident Willie Douglass. 

For those weighing options, Leike said while a child's school is important, there's much more for families to consider.

"You trade off for some things, you trade for a state income tax which you don't face in Tennessee, you trade off for an ad velorum tax on your cars versus a tag here in Tennessee. The best advice I can give folks is to stay calm and not make an emotional decision," he said. 

A DeSoto County Schools spokesperson said 16 new schools have been built since 2003 to accommodate expected and future growth.

The superintendent believes the district is in good shape for at least the next 6 years.

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