MY TURN: Lawyers win in municipal schools battle

MY TURN: Lawyers win in municipal schools battle

(WMC-TV) - It would be easy to look at the messy unification of Memphis and Shelby County schools and the battle being waged by the county's suburbs and say there are no winners in these fights, but technically, that would not be true.

Because there is one group that is winning – the lawyers.

That's right, taxpayers are lining the pockets of some our biggest law firms. In fact, if you look at the different factions in this battle represented by opposing law firms, many of us taxpayers are footing the bills for the legal teams on both sides.

Billy Orgel is the chairman of the unified Memphis and Shelby county school board and he has the right idea about how to bring this to the best possible conclusion. He's urging everyone to go back to a mediation process to try to resolve the school merger issues with more good ideas and less time in litigation. Orgel warns that if we don't start making some good choices, we're doomed to fail as a community.

I think he's right.

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