Residents shook up after death in neighborhood incident

Residents shook up after death in neighborhood incident

(WMC-TV) – At 201 Poplar, Memphis police investigators are still trying to piece together what happened in regards to an attempted robbery earlier Friday morning that certainly shook up residents in a normally quiet area.

"When I came around the corner of Galveston and Harris, that when I thought I heard gunshots," said neighbor Joseph Hamm. 

It's normally a very peaceful neighborhood near Lamar and I-240, but for half the day on Friday, some residents along Jeannine couldn't get home.

"I got a call and I came over to check and see if someone had broken into my house or something," said neighbor Teressa Taylor.

Memphis police blocked off the street after they found a man dead behind the house on the corner.

Police said two men were standing behind the house, when two other men came up the driveway and pulled out a gun.

"Always been a quiet neighborhood, but now we have people walking like at night, early in the morning," said Hamm. 

Neighbors along this street call this house a problem house in a normally tight-knit area.

Neighbors I talked to didn't know the people living in the house, but they said people are constantly coming in and out all the time.

Longtime residents said it's time to take their neighborhood watch to a new level before this kind of crime gets any worse.

"We watch out, we have each others numbers," said Taylor. 

If you have any information leading to an arrest in this case, call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.  

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