Andy's Got Your Back on the grandparents' scam

Andy's Got Your Back on the 'grandparents' scam'

(WMC TV) - U.S. postal inspectors call it the "grandparents scam."

Grandmother Eleanor Reimer got the call.

"I got a phone call from someone who said he was my grandson, sounded exactly like him and said he was in Mexico and had some trouble and needed some money," she said.

So Reimer carried $5,800 in cash down to the post office. She prepared an express mail envelope.

The postal worker at the counter sensed something was wrong. "You make sure you call (your family) before you send this," he said to Reimer.

She called. She couldn't get anyone on the line. So she sent the cash anyway.

Scam complete.

"I felt like I was a real idiot when I found out," she confessed.

Hold tight. There's a happy ending.

Postal inspectors used her tracking number and intercepted the package of cash before it got to the scammer.

Scam foiled.

"We were glad to help her get the money back," said U.S. Postal Inspector Michelle Brooks.

Look out for your elderly loved ones. Monitor their contacts by e-mail, mail and phone, and please warn them that any request for a huge stack of cash is a scam.

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