Parents, students express concern over vote to close six schools

Parents, students express concern over vote to close six schools
(WMC-TV) - The Shelby County School Board voted to close six schools in Memphis Thursday, but one school closure in particular is drawing ire from the North Memphis community.

"There's an old saying. If it ain't broke, don't fix it," said Gordon Elementary Student President Lance Armstrong.

Armstrong is one of many children, parents and education leaders fighting to keep the school from closure.

"We want you to reconsider the proposal for the closure of Gordon Elementary," said Gordon Elementary School Graduate Antonice Lewis.

Citizens held up signs saying "Invest in Our Future," shortly before the Shelby County School Board voted to close Gordon, Coro Lake, Orleans, Norris and White's Chapel Elementary Schools, as well as Humes Middle School.

"It is not just a school of learning, it is a school of caring and love," said Lewis.

Lewis says the well-being of the surrounding community rests on her alma mater.

"I am very concerned about the closing of our school," said parent LaSonya Collins

 Parent LaSonya Collins points out Gordon feeds homeless students and serves several special education children.

"If you lose Gordon, what would happen to these students?" said Collins.

Memphis Education Association president Keith Williams said closure would hurt too may children with Gordon in the middle of being converted into a charter school.

That school has approximately 400 children in it. It is one of the most populated schools in Smokey City.  In fact, it is the heart and soul of that community," he said. 

The closures are not final, and the school system will hold a series of public hearings before a final vote.
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