Two Southaven police shoot and kill two dogs

Two Southaven police shoot and kill two dogs
(WMC-TV) - Two Southaven police officers shot and killed two dogs in the same day.

The chief of police calls these types of incidents extremely rare, but anytime an officer fires a weapon there's an investigation to make sure all procedures were followed.

Southaven police said the animals became aggressive and had to be shot.

"Normally this is a quiet neighborhood," said neighbor Walter Husley. 

Husley was outside smoking a cigarette late Wednesday night when he heard the commotion from the street.

"I heard three, what sounded like to be gunshots," he said.

Investigators said a pit bull was attacking a smaller dog and wouldn't let go.

Neighbors said the scuffle between the dogs started in a yard and folks on the street were trying to separate them, even using a water hose, 

"Eventually, animal control had to be called and the dog was shot here in the other neighbors yard just next to where the fight began," said Husley. 

"I poked my head out the door and I saw this dog kind of laying the yard over there," he continued. 

On the same day during another routine arrest, another dog broke loose from its chain and became combative with another officer.

Other than an occasional bark, neighbors say the dogs stay pretty quiet up until Wednesday.

"It's a pretty massive pit bull, they were always gentle to me and never had any problems with my dog when she was in the backyard" said Husley. 

The dog's owner was cited for the animal being lose, while internal affairs reviews the other incident.

The dog being attacked was injured but at last check was expected to survive.

Action News 5 let you know when the second investigation is complete.

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