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Drivers warned to be careful during deer mating season

Ruth Cohill was killed when a deer crashed through her windshield Ruth Cohill was killed when a deer crashed through her windshield

(WMC-TV) – Wildlife resource agents are warning drivers that they need to watch out for deer. The warning comes after a woman was killed earlier this week when a deer crashed through her windshield.

Tennessee wildlife resources agents say the deer population is higher than normal this year. They are advising drivers throughout the Mid-South to be careful.

Deer hunters are doing what they can to thin the deer population, but officials say it is mating season, and when you see one deer – you can bet there are probably more nearby.

"A car will see a doe go across the street and they think it's all over with but right behind it is going to be a buck chasing it," said Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agent Jake Yoes.

Ruth Cohill, a beloved teacher in Ripley, Tennessee, was killed Wednesday morning when a deer came crashing through her windshield in Lauderdale County.

That same day, there were three other deer hit by cars in the same area.

"They will cross the road all hours of the day, all hours of the night. They run and pay no attention to human beings," said Yoes.

Yoes says there have been 12 incidents of cars hitting deer in Tipton County in the past two weeks.

One man was killed in Crockett County when his motorcycle hit a deer.

But these deer are not just in the rural areas.

"Like in Bartlett, a lot of people hunt in their subdivision with bows and arrows and there's some big deer right in the middle of Bartlett behind people's houses," Yoes explained.

So far in Shelby County, there have been 114 deer strike incidents.

Wildlife agents advise drivers to slow down and be extra cautious. They say hunters can now kill more deer in an effort to keep them off the road.

"We make it three does a day to get the population down and we need hunters to help us out by killing more deer," he said.

Wildlife agents say deer are more active in cold temperatures and during the early morning and early evening hours of the day.

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