Phone scammer pretending to be Shelby Co. Sheriff

Phone Scammer Pretending To Be Shelby County Sheriff

(WMC-TV) - Shelby County Sheriff Bill Oldham is not as high-profile as his predecessor, but many people know what he sounds like.

That's good because someone may be calling you pretending to be him.

It recently happened to one lady who said she got a voicemail from a man who identified himself as the sheriff. He told her there was a warrant out for her arrest related to an old debt.

"If you pay $541 then we will call off your arrest and you will have cleared your debt," said SCSO spokesman Chip Washington. "We can assure the public the sheriff would never do anything like this," he added.

The sheriff's office would never contact anyone about a debt collection unless serving official court papers. And at no time would the sheriff or his deputies get involved in a civil matter debt collection. Investigators say the woman who got the voice-mail did the right thing by reporting the call.

"And if your instincts, like hers, tell you something about this doesn't sound right," said Washington. "More than likely it's not right," he added.

Chances are, a scam is calling.

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