TN Governor discusses school vouchers

TN Governor discusses school vouchers
(WMC-TV) - There is a hotly debated piece of education reform - the school voucher, paying for children to choose their school or pay for private school with public money.

A new report on school vouchers in Tennessee has left more questions than answers.

"Couple of things up for grabs in terms of who qualifies and how much money follows the child on the BEP formula," said Tennessee governor Bill Haslam. 

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam assembled a task force to study the concept of using state and local education funds to allow students to transfer to better private or public schools.

A year later the report is in but isn't clear on whether vouchers will be a fair way to fund education. 

"There's two or three big questions, how much money follows the child number one number 2 who qualify is it just low income kids, low income kids on low performing schools you know a combination," said Haslam.

While in Memphis this week, Haslam said he hasn't reviewed the full report.

"I just got the report yesterday and I'll be reviewing that over the weekend and we'll meet next week," said Haslam.

If the legislature approves a voucher program during their 2013 session, Haslam is not in favor of launching a pilot program before school vouchers go statewide.

"I think having something that says we're just doing this in Shelby and Davidson and Knox and Hamilton I wouldn't be in favor of that I think it should be income qualified I do think it should be focused on low income kids but I wouldn't be favor of saying we're going to do it in these four systems," said Haslam