Shelby County could feel effects if deal is not made on Capitol Hill

Shelby County could feel effects if deal is not made on Capitol Hill

(WMC-TV) – At the nation's capitol, the president and congress have less than one month to cut a deal before tumbling over the fiscal cliff.

What will it mean for the people of Memphis and Shelby County if an deal is not made?

"It's more than just one of these things that affects our military and our foreign relations. We're talking about things that could have an impact right here at home," said Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell.

Shelby County Mayor Luttrell said cuts will be felt if the country falls over the fiscal cliff.

"Everything from education to save bridges and roads to law enforcement, to just about anything that you can think of," said Mayor Luttrell.

Mayor Luttrell says the cuts would translate to about $165 million from federal funding for Shelby County. That is about 10 percent of the general fund budget.

In addition to sweeping cuts to education, law enforcement, and transportation, reductions in community services like utility assistance, the health department, and more, would feel it.

"We would have to sit down and start reprioritizing all the functions of county government," said Luttrell.

Mayor Luttrell says they have lobbyists on Capitol Hill and they are in touch with local lawmakers to put pressure on a deal before January 1. Luttrell says he is hopeful for a deal but is prepping and planning just in case there is not one.

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