Mother wants changes after son was hit crossing Highway 51

Mother wants changes after son was hit crossing Highway 51
Gerald Fayne, 18
Gerald Fayne, 18

(WMC-TV) - It has been nearly one year since 18-year-old Gerald Fayne was hit and killed crossing Highway 51 North of Covington.  Now, his mother says not enough is being done to change the highway.

"It's 55 through there, but they don't do it, they speed," said Fayne's mother, Gloria Woodland.

Woodland says this time of year has been rough for her, knowing that Christmas is just around the corner and her son will not be around to see her.

A small cross along Highway 51 marks the spot where Gerald Fayne was killed.

Fayne died January 6 when a car hit and killed him while he was crossing the highway at this busy intersection.

Now, his mother wants to see traffic slowed down.

"It's especially dangerous, especially at the top of that hill and potentially they need to put a red light through here," continued Woodland.

TDOT says they did not do a speed study in the area but they did put up additional warning signs near Antioch Road, where Fayne was hit.  The signs went up in February.

People who work in the area agree that something needs to be done.

Workers like Rene Delashmit say they see people walking across or along the highway all the time.

"I've almost been rear ended coming into the parking lot, coming to work and people need to slow down in that spot," said Delashmit.

Gloria Woodland says she has to continue to travel this busy section of roadway.

It is her only way to get to church.

When she does travel this way, she says an extra prayer to honor the memory of her son and remember other drivers in the area.

"Since it happened to my son, it could happen to someone else," she added.

Gloria Woodland says she would like to see the speed limit stay at 45 miles an hour through that busy section of Highway 51.

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