Surveillance video shows shooting outside famous Memphis restaurant

Surveillance Video Shows Shooting Outside Famous Memphis Restaurant

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – It was a shocking shooting in the middle of the day at a crowded shopping center that ended with the victims ending up at the MED. And we've got the video that shows the whole thing.

"It's like boom boom boom type thing," one witness said.

That sound of gunfire came around 2 o'clock in the afternoon at a Whitehaven shopping center right in front of the famous Uncle Lou's restaurant filled with customers.

"Me and my daughter were out back talking when I heard the gunfire. We came in," Uncle Lou's Louis Martin said.

They saw this car across the street after it rammed into a pole.

Louis Martin was on the phone with Memphis City council member Harold Collins when the shooting happened.

"I'm like I hear gunshots," he said.

"I said you get off the phone," Collins said. "You take some cover and I'll call the police."

Surveillance video from Uncle Lou's shows what happened.  A red car is parked in front of the restaurant. A woman walks onto the parking lot and gets in the car. Not long after a shirtless man with his pants falling off walks up to the red car and starts talking with the driver. Police say the shirtless man told the driver that "38" wanted to talk with them and demanded they get out of the car. Then another man walks up at the same time the driver backs out knocking the first man down. The second man starts shooting.

Soon after people pour out of the businesses to see what happened.

Uncle Lou said police showed up right away and the community helped investigators.

"That's him that's him," he said.

By pointing out one of the suspects, the cooperation helped police arrest two suspects.

Dante Hence and Devon Carlock was identified as "38" and the man was identified as the shooter.

The man driving the car that crashed is in the MED in critical condition. The woman was shot in the leg. She is expected to recover. It is not clear what the shooting was about.

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