Rain on the way, City Council topics, school security, farming on the moon, food drive is coming, Kid Rock tickets

Good morning and welcome to Tuesday. It's expected to rain today...but it will remain mild...highs in the 60s...we could see 70s again this weekend...Ron has details throughout the morning on WMC-TV5.

The Memphis City Council has a busy day ahead with a half dozen hot button issues...everything from Beale to Foot homes...blight and police...Amy will break down the issues later this morning in a live report.

School security was the talk of the Unified Shelby County school board...details of what happened at that meeting coming up in a live report as well.

Farming on the moon research at Ole Miss? Don't laugh...believe it not a four-part experiment will start in March of 2013 aboard the international space station. Details this morning on WMC-TV5

Tomorrow is a big day for us. It is the Action News 5 holiday food drive. We will be live at 6 locations around the Mid-South collecting food and donations for the Mid-South food bank.

Only Action News 5 is giving you tickets to Kid Rock concert in Memphis this March before you can buy them just wait for the cue to TEXT and win. That's coming up on Action News 5 at 6am.

Join our new team and our new look. Jerica, Lindsey, Janeen, Ron, Amy, Kym and me are live for you on WMC-TV5

Andrew Douglas