Jury deliberates in case of Terrance 'T-Rex' Yarborough

Jury deliberates in case of Terrance 'T-Rex' Yarborough

(WMC-TV) - A federal jury spent much of Tuesday deliberating the fate of a Memphis pimp.

Terrance Yarborough is also known as "T-Rex".

Yarborough is a self-proclaimed sovereign citizen. He has been through five other attorneys since his arrest and has caused countless disruptions in pre-trial hearings.

With his sixth attorney on the case, Yarborough has been on trial in federal court over the past week.

He is accused of violently forcing three juveniles and eight other women into prostitution.

Defense attorneys claim the women were willing participants in a prostitution ring, rather than trafficking victims.

If convicted, Yarborough faces the possibility of life in prison, but the jury spent all day Tuesday deliberating without coming to a verdict.

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