2-month-old baby boy battles kidney failure

2-month-old baby battles severe kidney failure
2-month-old Walker Wade is battling kidney failure
2-month-old Walker Wade is battling kidney failure

(WMC-TV) - A Memphis family is working overtime to give their 2-month-old son the treatment he needs to battle advanced kidney failure.

Walker Wade has all 10 of his tiny fingers, toes, and a cute little button nose. By looking at him, you would never know the kind of health problems he is battling inside.

After being born prematurely, Walker Wade has advanced kidney disease. He is going to need a kidney transplant and may require dialysis. The cost involved has the family worried that they will not be able to foot the bills each month.

"He wasn't supposed to live at all at 14 weeks and when his bladder ruptured and things like that, that's when we just knew he wasn't going to make it," said Walker's mother, Amy Wade.

Now, he is their little miracle baby. Walker is alive but still fighting stage four kidney failure. He will need a kidney transplant. His doctors and family just do not know when.

Michael and Amy Wade are now hoping their tiny son does not require dialysis first.

"The days that he's really fussy, the days that he's really tired and doesn't want to eat, those are the days that you wonder, 'Are his kidneys being flushed? Is he getting adequate nutrition? Is he going to stop growing?,'" said Amy Wade.

And those are serious issues. Walker is not eating enough to flush his system which means he is going to need a feeding tube in the coming days.

All of the tests, medicine, and procedures are adding up for the young couple, who have been married just one year.

"We are doing our best. I picked up another job and we are just preparing for the transplant. We aren't sure how much that will cost but I'm sure it's going to be up there," said Michael Wade.

Showering their little man with love, for now, is how the Wade family is getting by. They are taking their son's illness one day at a time.

If you are interested in helping the Wade family, a fund has been set up at all First Tennessee Bank branches. It is called the "Wade Kidney Fund".

Every penny donated to the fund will go toward the 2-month-old boy's medical expenses.

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