Radio DJ back on the air after posting offensive comments online

Radio DJ back on the air after posting offensive comments online
Radio host Bill Way
Radio host Bill Way

(WMC-TV) - A popular Jackson, Tennessee radio talk show host is back on the air after being taken off the job for what some say were racist comments he posted online.

Station officials at 101.5FM say they do not condone what Bill Way posted on his personal Facebook page, but they hope what he said will be used to have a positive impact on the community.

"This has been an unusual experience for me to be starting here again today. I'm glad to hear from everybody, pro or con," Way said.

Last month, Way posted something on his personal Facebook page comparing First Lady Michelle Obama to "cheetah's daughter".

After that, 101.5 FM ordered he take time off until they figured out what to do.

Many residents say Way should not have come back to work.

"I think there need to be open discussion of why he deemed those comments appropriate," said resident Tim McDonald.

"If he cannot be controlled, which apparently he cannot be, he does need to be taken off the air," added resident Helen Owens.

Way took hundreds of calls Tuesday welcoming him back to work.

"I'm still astonished by the way things wratched up and the way things happened, I still can't believe it. I've never had the feeling anybody was listening...evidently they were," said Way.

NAACP officials want to take what Bill Way said on his Facebook page and further discussions of racial healing in the Jackson community.

In an effort to do that, there is a public meeting at NAACP headquarters at 6 o'clock Tuesday night.

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