School's Christmas music video goes viral

School's Christmas Music Video Goes Viral

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – A Mid-South school is really getting in the spirit of the season. Students have made a Christmas lip dub video, and their lip syncing skills are now getting a lot of attention.

It went from a quiet school hallway, to a breeding ground for Christmas cheer. And it was all done by hundreds of students at Harding Academy.

Sahil Malani may be a good singer, but with a Muslim background, he had to learn the words to the Christmas favorite at the Christian school.

"Thank goodness none of my friends were in the same hallway I was singing in, or I would have been freaking out," Malani said.

Lyrics were no problem for former American Idol contestant Jalen Harris. The toughest part?

"I would say dancing backwards in the hallway," Harris said.

The weight room, a chemistry lab, and even a flag pole all turned into makeshift sets for the music video filled with appearances from the holidays' favorite characters.

Allen Gillespie is the man behind the camera, the editor, and the director. And somehow, the teens nailed it after just an hour of practice.

"They're like, 'Oh that's the guy in the video,'" said student Katelyn Prine. "We would line up in the hallway with our friends and just wait for the camera to run by and we would wave."

They are all proud of the finished product that is going viral online.

"People are just saying, 'That video made me smile, those kids seemed so happy, I've caught the Christmas spirit,' and that's what we wanted to do is take that Christmas cheer and make it contagious," Gillespie said. "People actually get to see the joy and the fun that Christmas can bring."

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