Pink-lettered t-shirts raise $10,000 among firefighters

Pink-lettered t-shirts raise $10,000 for local charity

(WMC-TV) – One local charity is benefiting from some pink t-shirts worn by Mid-South emergency responders.

The pink t-shirts are an annual tradition that hit a slight snag in October. But even so, Memphis firefighters say they went all in anyway and they have the cash to prove it.

"We sold them here out of the union hall," said Tommy Malone, Memphis Fire Fighters Association IAFF Local 1784.

The pink shirts stirred up a mini-controversy inside the Memphis Fire Department.

Every year, firefighters purchase a pink-themed t-shirt with the proceeds going to the Wings Cancer Foundation of Memphis.

In years past, they were allowed to wear them on duty for a specific shift, but this year, the administration prohibited the practice based on an undisclosed concern.

"We went ahead with it even thought they didn't wear them on duty," said Malone.

Regardless, the union ordered, printed, and sold the t-shirts.

On Wednesday, it will present a $10,000 check to Wings.

"For us that's a pretty good chunk. Went from nothing to $10,000. That's a plus," said Malone. "It's not as much as it has been but for having it in only one spot and doing it in a quick fashion. Obviously, we hope working together with the department next year we can double that."

Money was raised when real firefighters bought pink even when they could not wear it.

The union will present that money to Wings on Wednesday morning at the West Clinic. The famed pink fire truck will be there too.

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