New MPD precinct maps unveiled

New MPD precinct maps unveiled

(WMC-TV) - A new plan was unveiled Tuesday that will impact who is watching your neighborhood if you live in the City of Memphis.

Memphis Police Department Director Toney Armstrong showed council members new precinct maps.

He says balancing out the uneven layout of precincts will give the city better coverage to fight crime.

Men in blue lined the Memphis City Council committee room to give city leaders a first look at the new precinct boundaries.

Armstrong said he plans to realign the city's nine precincts based on average call load.

"These precincts are not evenly staffed nor are they evenly divided," said Armstrong.

The director showed the city council a series of maps. He says in wards now swamped with the most 911 calls, officers are so busy responding, they are not actually patrolling.

"Very seldom do you see them in a pro-active mode, patrolman mode. They're either en route to a call or clearing a call," explained Armstrong.

For example, Old Allen covers nine wards. The Ridgeway precinct covers just four wards. Old Allen will get relief from three other precincts: South Main, Union and Tillman. And Mount Moriah will take up some of Ridgeway's coverage area.

"You're looking at maybe precinct boundaries being pushed out to a maximum about a mile," explained Armstrong.

Armstrong says it's about leveling out resources.

"Every single precinct will now have six wards. That gives us the ability to manage our personnel better, gives us the ability to distribute our resources better. Our precincts now will have all the same amount of officers," he said.

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