Family mourns loss of two cousins in North MS sledding accident

Family Mourns Loss Of Two Cousins In North MS Sledding Accident

YALOBOUSHA COUNTY, MS - (WMC-TV) – A family is mourning the loss of two cousins who were killed while sledding in North Mississippi. Now, they want to warn others about the dangers of backyard sledding.

The mother of one of the cousins is devastated as she tries to bury two loved ones.

But she called the sledding incident 'stupid' and wants to warn other teens and families how a seemingly harmless activity can turn deadly.

"They were just always together. It was like two peas in a pod," mother Jimmie Holland said.

20-year-old Jonathan Holland and 14-year-old Kristopher Riddell were cousins.

"They were just typical wild boys," Grandfather John Holland said.

But now both are gone, killed after what the family called 'redneck sledding' late Sunday night outside of Water Valley.

"It's taking a hood off of a car and tying it to the bumper of another vehicle and then being drug, just don't do it it's rather stupid," Jimmie Holland said.

Flowers mark the spot where the cousins were hit. You can see tire tracks on the field where the truck towed the boys on the hood from another car.

"They got up on the bank and the chain broke, that slung the boys out in the highway," said John Holland.

Holland's mom called it redneck sledding. There are Youtube videos from users all over the country.

After seeing the horrors of what can go wrong, Holland is warning others to find something else to do.

"I hope no other kids go through what me and my family are going through," said Jimmie Holland.

"I know they didn't think anything would happen other than they would just fall off," John Holland said.

The community is banding together to help raise funeral expenses for the family by placing donations jars in gas stations around the small town.

"We don't all have a lot around here and what we have in our family means the world to us," said resident John Holloway.

"It means a lot, because it tells us that my son and my nephew were very loved children," Jimmie Holland said.

Seven Oaks funeral home will handle donations for the family. Funeral arrangements are still in the works.

An investigator with the Mississippi Highway Patrol said charges are unlikely.

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