City council won't hear plan to save last housing project

City council will not hear plan to save housing project

(WMC-TV) – The Memphis City Council decided they will not hear the Vance Avenue Collaborative's plan to save the last public housing project in Memphis.

Just when they thought they were gaining momentum, the Vance Avenue Collaborative's

plan to save Foote Homes Public Housing from demolition was permanently shelved by the city council.

Even so, there was at least one city council member who disagreed with the decision.

"We should not, as an administration, go in there and tear those buildings down and build bigger houses for the upper income," said Janis Fullilove, Memphis City Council. "And, I think that's what's about to happen and that should not happen."

The city's plan calls for the demolition of Foote Homes Public Housing, which is located on Vance Avenue. It is the last such facility in the city.

The plan also calls for the historic African-American neighborhood to be transformed into a "destination tourism district" and residential area.

The 426 displaced residents would receive vouchers to move elsewhere and families would be allowed to apply to live in the units build on the property.

But Vance Avenue Collaborative members say that is not enough.

They want the Land Use Control Board to at least consider the merits of their own plan.

"We want to make sure that the future conditions in the neighborhood and the resources and assets reflect what current residents, business owners, investors, and institutional leaders like church leaders and school principals feel is most important," said Ken Reardon, Vance Avenue Collaborative.

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