Runner attacked with rock in Overton Park

Runner attacked with rock in Overton Park

(WMC-TV) - A Memphis woman is recovering after a violent attack in Overton Park. Police say the suspect beat her with a rock that was wrapped in a sock or a shirt.

Memphis police say a man tried to grab the victim, and then swung the rock at her. She was able to escape to the golf course to get help.

Police say the suspect, Haider Alinknine, has attacked two other people, too. He has not yet been charged with the Overton Park attacks because he cut his head with a razor, threw blood at police officers, and was committed to the Memphis Mental Health Institute.

"We have less criminal activity here than we have in other areas," said Tina Sullivan with the Overton Park Conservancy, who says the park's trails are safe.

Even though they are safe, she encourages visitors to be cautious.

"Travel in pairs, travel in groups, don't leave valuables in your car, always maintain an awareness of your surroundings. You can't predict how someone's going to behave just by looking at them so don't take anything for granted," she said.

Police say Alinknine is in custody at MMHI.

Criminal charges may depend on results of treatment there.

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