Suspect arrested in murder over $2

Suspect arrested in murder over $2

(WMC-TV) - A West Memphis murder suspect, who police say was on the run for a day and a half, is now in police custody.

Close friends tell Action News 5 that the victim and suspect were longtime friends. They say the group was playing craps for hours when an argument erupted over $2.

West Memphis Police say Bobby Robinson was on the run for nearly two days, after murdering his friend Carlos Mitchell with a single gunshot.

Diane Fuller knew both men for years.

"Bobby, you were wrong. You didn't have to shoot him and kill him like that," said Fuller.

She is distraught over Mitchell's death.

"He was like one of my sons," she said.

Neighbors say the two men were playing craps inside West Memphis apartment on North 26th Street when they started arguing.

Fuller says Robinson then told Mitchell he would be back. When he returned, she said he shot his friend.

"They say he was drunk and high off that powder mess," said Fuller.

Fuller cannot believe such a young life was ended over such a trivial argument. She says Robinson had somehow obtained a gun and made sure everyone knew it.

"He went around this whole neighborhood pulling that gun on people," she explained.

When police arrived on scene 1:30 Monday morning, they say Robinson had fled.

Police eventually nabbed Robinson in a parked, red Ford Explorer just before 2 p.m. Wednesday.

"For him to do what he did, that was low down. That was really low down," said Fuller.

Mitchell's death is the sixth homicide in West Memphis this year.

Robinson is charged with first degree murder. He is due in court later this week.

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