Controversy over proposed public golf course closures

Controversy over proposed public golf course closures
(WMC-TV) - Controversy over the proposed closure of a popular public golf course in a Memphis neighborhood continues as Memphis City Council delays the vote another two weeks.

"I said, 'Maybe I can practice again before they put me out,'" said golfer Richard Johnson. 

Johnson was the only golfer to play Whitehaven Wednesday, after council members considered closing the links for good the night before.

He said people all over Memphis and even Arkansas and Mississippi find peace, exercise and camaraderie on these greens.

"A place that we come together and enjoy each other's company," said Johnson. 

Tuesday's vote was so sensitive, the council delayed a decision for two weeks.

The city said Whitehaven should close because it's losing more money than the city's other golf courses.

"I just don't understand the part where they want to close it," said Johnson.

They're also considering if Day Crockett, Pine Hill, and Riverside golf courses should close during the winter only.

Now, all four are closed until a decision can be made.

For months, golfers have alleged the numbers don't add up.

They believe expenditures at other golf courses are being attributed to Whitehaven, and they've approached council members about it.

"I can't believe the Whitehaven Golf Course is spending as much money as 18-holes," said Memphis councilman Edmund Ford. 

 In October, Councilman Edmund Ford, Junior started looking into the accusations, and has even considered calling for an audit.

Meanwhile, the greens are empty.

"We feel like we're being picked on," said Johnson.  

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