Concerned parent rallies for school crossing guard

Concerned parent rallies for school crossing guard

(WMC-TV) - Parents at a Memphis City School are fighting to get a crossing guard. They say it is a dangerous area to walk and parents of Riverview Elementary School students want something done before it is too late.

"I sat through there and just watch babies and almost get hit and I said that's ridiculous," said parent Steven Simmons.

Frustrated with the lack of safety for students coming to and from the school, Simmons contacted Action News 5 after coming to a dead end with his attempts to get a crossing guard.

"There is nobody out here to watch them, nobody to stop traffic or anything," he said.

While on the scene, Action News 5's Jerica Phillips watched several as students dashed out in front of cars, while others crossed with the help of a parent.

There are several speed bumps on the street leading up to the school, but Simmons says without a designated crossing guard, it is still too dangerous for children to cross alone.

The posted speed limit is 25 miles per hour, but Simmons says cars still drive faster.

Because it is a city street, Memphis City Schools' officials told Action News 5 that they rely on the Memphis Police Department to arrange crossing guards.

Simmons says he has complained, he has seen a police officer come out once.

"He gave a few people tickets and since then, ain't nobody been out here," said Simmons.

This concerned parent feels the intersection warrants a guard, regardless of cost.

"If one of these babies get killed, it's going to cost them a whole lot more," he said.

Simmons also said he will not back down until children are able to cross the street safely.

"It ain't that expensive, I know, we are the ones paying for it. We're taxpayers," said Simmons.

The Memphis Police Department has not yet returned Action News 5's calls for comment.

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