Mid-South family pleads for safe return of stolen horse

Mid South Family Pleads For Safe Return Of Stolen Horse

(WMC-TV) - The Downs family horse is still missing after almost a month of searching.

Because of the animal's size it's not an easy steal, and they know someone out there saw something.

Shae and Samantha Downs are heartbroken about their horse, Hollywood.

"I miss when we used to play with him outside and when we was riding him and petting him and feeding him," stated Samantha.

It started with an early morning knock at Brian Downs' door.

"About 1:30 I guess it was, and asked me did I have a horse loose.  This is the one they tried to get," Brian Downs said.

Some railroad workers found the animal wandering near the tracks.

Brian Downs was walking his other horse Champ home when he found some familiar items lying on the street.

"It was a saddle blanket, and it was mine. And that's when I started putting two and two together," said Brian.

When he got back to his barn at his pasture, Hollywood was gone, along with the saddle.  A passerby reported a silver dodge truck and horse trailer parked near the tracks.

Downs thinks that was the getaway vehicle that took off with his 4 year old walking horse from Knoxville.

"He's priceless to me," Brian stated. "Why would you steal a horse, especially this time of year?"

It's been almost a month.  Corinth Police have been working hard on the case, but there are still no answers.

With Christmas right around the corner, all this family wants is their four legged friend back and the person who took him - caught.

"Whoever got the horse we just hope he brings him back, and we really miss him," said Shae.

The Downs' say the community has been helpful, but they're offering a reward for Hollywood.  If you know anything call the Corinth, Mississippi Police Department at (662) 286-3377

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