Local quadriplegic authors memoir about his 'blessed life'

Local quadriplegic authors memoir about his 'blessed life'

(WMC-TV) - We all at one time or another get caught up in our own lives, sometimes worrying about the smallest things.

How would you react to shattering your spinal cord, breaking your neck and becoming a Quadriplegic?

It happened to a young, athletic Mid-South man, who says he turned a traumatic event into a blessed life. So blessed, he wrote a book about it.

"If your heart is right, your circumstances don't matter," said Scott Coleman, who has been a quadriplegic for the last 32 years.

In June 1980, he was a young and active 17-year-old athlete from Memphis.

"When I wasn't playing baseball football, running track, I was in the woods hunting or fishing, water skiing, goofing with friends," said Coleman.

But all that changed when Coleman took a deep dive into shallow water at Sardis Lake, changing his life forever.

"The toughest part, at first, was looking at how blessed I was and how I took it all for granted," he said. "Even with everything I don't have, I have all I need to be happy and joyful and productive and be at peace."

Coleman shattered his spinal cord and broke his neck.

Four years after that accident, he graduated from Memphis State with a degree in finance and economics.

Coleman got married and became an investment consultant. His wife, Linda, remembers the accident and did not think they would get together after it happened.

"He was the guy that I wanted to marry. When he broke his neck I thought, that can't happen and it won't happen," said Linda Coleman. "And then he called me one night and we got back acquainted and began dating and the rest is history."

Now, 26 years later, they are the picture of love and they have a message: Faith, family, and friends got them through tough times and gave them a blessed life.

Today, Scott is an active hunter and fisherman who does not let physical condition limit his life.

"I'd love to be up walking around but it's not my lot in life if your heart is right your circumstances really don't matter," he said. "Your circumstances don't have to beat you down. If your heart is right you can live above those circumstances."

Scott Coleman hopes his story will inspire others. He wrote a book called "Best When Broken", which speaks about the grace of God lighting his way through life.

"Best When Broken" is available online at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

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