Celebration Station property owner tries to void contract with church after higher bid

Celebration Station property owner tries to void contract with church after higher bid
(WMC-TV) - True Authority Church was well into renovating a forgotten kids entertainment place.

They could have celebrated a grand opening by now, instead they're locked in a legal battle that could take years.

"We realized it had become sort of an eyesore to the city," said True Authority Church Pastor Frederick Cager.

Cager had big plans for the long abandoned Celebration Station just off Sycamore View Rd.

Renovations were already underway to put a sanctuary on the first floor, a family center on the second floor and a restaurant up top.

"And we were to go into the building this past July," said Cager. 

Cager said he signed a contract to purchase the property.

Then learned the property owner found a higher bidder in the adjacent Southwest Tennessee Community College.

"Southwest showed interest and then the owner realizing he could get an extra 600K to a million dollars from Southwest has now tried to void our agreement," said Cager.

True Authority Church should have been preparing to celebrate their first Christmas at the old celebration station.  

Instead the move is a legal battle that could be tied up in court for years.  

"We were shocked when I say shocked and amazed to even hear that," said Cager. 

And testing the faith a congregation that was looking forward to a new home.

"I think what my eyes have been opened is greed does, what money does. It changes things," said 

Cager said Southwest Community College wants no part of the fight and they are stepping aside until the legal issues are resolved.

Action News 5 reached out to property owner Bill Thomas for comment. 

He did not return any phone calls.
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