Olive Branch Elementary reveals mold growth, parents concerned

Olive Branch Elementary reveals mold growth, parents concerned
(WMC-TV) - DeSoto County Schools had a panel of outside experts that came in and tested several environmental concerns that were brought before the school board Monday.

A group of parents from the school's Parent Teacher Organization said they had received complaints about students being sick and asked for an investigation into the building's condition.

The district said results revealed an area of mold growth in the dishwashing room, but common hallways and one classroom tested negative for any problems including elevated moisture levels that could lead to mold growth.

Earlier this week Action News 5 showed you pictures parents had taken of dusty vents, bugs in light fixtures, and stained carpets that I asked superintendent Milton Kuykendall about today.

"We're replacing that carpet, where that carpet was, in those three rooms we're replacing all the carpet. And some of the dust and stuff that was on that. Well the dust that they're talking about, that's why we're doing the deep cleaning,'" said DeSoto County Schools Superintendent Milton Kuykendall.

Some of the original parents weren't pleased with the district's testing and wanted more classrooms and other areas of the building looked at, but the school system stands behind its results and says work will begin here over the holiday break.

The group of parents that spoke up are meeting tonight because they said more needs to be done. 

Action News 5 will be at that meeting and let you know what they have to say coming up tonight at 10 p.m.

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