Meet the 'kid with the biggest heart'

(WMC-TV) – Jared Stevens, who is a middle school student with cerebral palsy, won his first wrestling match. Now, his opponent is known as "the kid with the biggest heart".

Jared Stevens, 13, uses a wheelchair to get around. He was carried onto the wrestling mat at Sunset Middle School in Brentwood, Tennessee for his first and only wrestling match. The entire event was caught on camera.

His coach asked his opposing counterpart to pick the kid on his team with the "biggest heart". He chose Justin Keivet.

"Well, I just went to wrestle him and chose to do the right thing and what I hoped would make everybody happy. But, I had no idea it would get this big," said Justin.

Keivet's instincts were right on target.

Seemingly, with little or no thought about winning, he immediately began doing whatever he could to help Stevens win.

"I noticed he couldn't move, so I like sat on the mat and pulled him over on top of me with his arms," said Keivet.

Within minutes, the match was over and an unlikely winner was declared.

Keivet's dad, Craig, says he cannot take credit for his son's compassionate nature. He said it is god-given. But still, he marvels at his son's generous spirit and selfless act on the wrestling mat.

"Justin has always been a very, very sweet kid. I watched it a couple of times and tried to watch it with an outsider's perspective and there were times I kinda just teared up. I couldn't be any more proud!" said Craig Keivet.

"It isn't just winning, it's about doing the right thing," said Justin.

Justin's dad spoke with Jared's dad on the phone shortly after the match and talked about getting the boys together for a photo that would be embossed with the date of the wrestling match, so that each boy will always remember what is really important in life.

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