Parents divided on results of investigation of Olive Branch Elementary School health safety

Parents divided on results of investigation of Olive Branch Elementary School health safety

OLIVE BRANCH, MS - (WMC-TV) – Parents are divided on the results about what is making kids sick at Olive Branch Elementary School, turning on each other at times during two different meetings Friday.

The district's investigation may be complete, but some parents feel it's far from over.

"I think today has been a mess to be honest," said parent Heather Fox.

A Friday night meeting got heated after a group of parents and PTO members said conditions at Olive Branch Elementary school might be getting their children sick. Others said "no way."

"My kids been there for 11 years and you're wrong and I can tell you firsthand that the maintenance people come in every 30 days and change the air filter," said one employee who attended the meeting.

We first introduced you to Heather Fox on Monday when the group asked for an outside environmental investigation from the school district.

"We weren't able to find any signs of mold growth," Eric Davis with GC7 Environmental Services said.

Friday, DeSoto County Schools held a news conference to reveal their results. According to the professionals the district hired, all tests came back negative with the exception of a mold spot in the dishwashing area that's being fixed along with some of the dirty carpet.

"The reason I really came is he has a cough that he cannot shake," one parent said. "The only time he gets rid of it is on the weekends, like a four day weekend or a holiday, it goes away and as soon as he goes back to school its back."

Raul Valenzuela's child is allergic to mold, peanuts, and a laundry list of other things. He understands the parents concerns, but says he's heard all he needs.

"They brought each individual expert in there, they did the analysis, they showed the records, they showed what happened, they said exactly what had been done," he said.

The school district says crews will be in the building over the break to replace the carpet and do a 'deep clean'.

It's not expected to impact activity at the school.

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