Severe weather and tornado watches hit the Mid-South, couple survives robbery after held captive, FedEx prepares for "Busiest Day"

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The Mid-South had an evening full of severe weather and tornado watches. You can get the latest on weather now by clicking here.

Rain is possible early tomorrow, especially east of the Mississippi River. Cold air will then be in place through at least mid-week. John Bryant will have more after the game.

Tonight we will be talking about a Memphis couple who survives after being assaulted, robbed and being held captive for hours by six masked men.

Also, we are talking about inside the FedEx Hub as the shipping giant prepares for its busiest day in decades, we tell you how the company is getting ready to manage the massive mountains of packages.

Plus, questions are being raised about the spending practices at Memphis public golf courses.  Are your tax dollars landing in the rough?

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