Christmas decorations destroyed at family's home

Christmas decorations destroyed at family's home
(WMC-TV) - A Horn Lake family is dealing with a real life Christmas Grinch, after a number of the Christmas decorations they put up every year was destroyed by vandals once again.

The Jones family fill their yard with nativity scenes, Christmas lights, candy canes and other Christmas decorations every year. 

However Saturday night vandals struck and decorations leaving candy canes ripped out of the ground.

"As you can see the stake is in two pieces its supposed to sit in the ground like this but as you can see their not," said family member Charmaine Wright-Doyle.

Members said this is not the first time their home has been targeted by vandals

Shortly after the family's Halloween display was set up vandals damaged it too.

"We've had Halloween decorations stolen we've had em busted," said family member Christina Jones.

 Family members said the vandalism has been going on for the last four years.

"Ah its gets real frustrating when you are trying to brighten up the neighborhood and let people kind of enjoy the seasons - or not just Christmas, but any season," said family member Michael Jones.

Christina Jones said despite what's happened they're not going to let the vandals diminish their faith in the meaning of Christmas.

"And last year at Christmas time alone we were hit five times," said Christina Jones.

Jones family members say if you know anything about the vandalism at their home call Horn Lake police at 662-393-6174.

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