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YOUR TURN: Wine in grocery stores

The Action News 5 Facebook this week was flooded with comments about whether the state of Tennessee should allow grocery stores to start selling wine.

Many people want the convenience, others are concerned that the move would hurt local liquor stores. We chose a comment from Jacob Long who has a different take on the issue. In his words:

I am from the state of Illinois where there are fewer restrictions on where and when alcohol is sold. Grocery stores have nice selections of things and offer convenience, but there are amazing liquor stores all over the place. The current system in Tennessee totally hurts the liquor stores. Why can't I buy beer at a liquor store? Are you kidding me? You level the playing field and the liquor stores will have to expand, not close down.

That's Jacob Long's turn. Now it's your turn. To comment on this segment or anything else, email or call 800-465-1210.

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