Temps falling fast, AGT auditions, school talks continue, Fedex's busiest day in its history

Good morning and welcome back to the work week...15 days until Christmas...and it is going to feel like December today. It's in the 40s right now but the temps will be dropping as the day goes on...we'll be in the 30s by this afternoon...Tim Van Horn is breaking down an exact forecast all morning long on WMC-TV5.

Today is the busiest day of the year for Fedex. In fact it may be the busiest ever in the company's history! We're live at Fedex talking about what is expected today for the Memphis based shipping giant.

Also you have 24 hours to get ready to impress NBC producers with the show America's Got Talent. They will be at the Memphis Cook Convention tomorrow. You will have 90 seconds to impress. We're talking about that this morning as well.

The latest on the fiscal cliff, a meeting of both sides in the fight for municipal school districts and the festival of lights continues as we say Happy Hanukkah to our Jewish friends.

Lindsey Brown is back, Tim Van Horn is here, plus Janeen, Amy, Ben, Kym and me. Join us as we get you ready for the week on WMC-TV5!

Andrew Douglas