FedEx wraps up busiest shipping day of the year

FedEx Wraps Up Busiest Shipping Day Of The Year

(WMC-TV) - FedEx saw millions of packages going through the company's hub Monday.  It was millions more than they normally see, largely in part because of the popularity of online shopping.

FexEx officials say when online stores are booming, their employees do not stop moving.

"E commerce. Everybody is getting online," said FedEx Spokesperson, Bonnie Kourvelas.

FedEx hired 20,000 seasonal workers this holiday season to keep up with the online driven surge in shipping.

"It's easier and faster to go online, choose what you want and have it sent right to your door," Kourvelas said.

And depending on where you are shopping online, you will pay the same as going inside the store, if not less. The biggest deal breaker is getting free shipping, and while finding this might take a little practice, more and more people are doing it regardless of age or socioeconomic background.

"This is not just something that young people are doing," Kourvelas said. "Now you are seeing this across all age groups."

So much so that the number of packages shipped is estimated to have grown by millions.

Last year during the same 24 hour period, FedEx shipped 17.2 million packages.

It is estimated that more than 19 million packages will ship this year. Research website statistics reports is the most popular online shopping website.

The mega site started in 1995 as an online bookstore and has grown into selling just about anything one could want to buy.

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