Dozens of car tires slashed in Olive Branch

Dozens Of Car Tires Slashed In Olive Branch

OLIVE BRANCH, MS - (WMC-TV) – Residents in a Mid-South neighborhood are concerned after more than a dozen cars had their tires slashed.

The vandal or vandals hit at least 16 cars last Thursday night in the Magnolia Estates neighborhood in Olive Branch. Most of the cars were parked overnight in the street. Now neighbors and police are on high alert for the serial slasher.

Jackie Geer is out several hundred bucks. His tire was slashed along with at least 16 of his neighbors on the same night.

"It's going to cost us double for a little peace of mind," Geer said. "We really just want to start feeling safer in our homes."

Some vehicles sit idle in the street waiting on new tires. Others rest in carports, closer to worried owners like Luciana Jones.

"My fear is if you'll slash tires on this many cars, I'm at home a lot, I worry about if you will do that, will you come in my house?" Jones wondered.

The Jones family has to replace two slashed tires and a busted windshield. Neighbors have had it and are offering 500 dollars of their own as a reward.

"This just causes good people to start banding together to deal with the bad folks," Geer said.

And even though Olive Branch is normally quiet, police say keeping a neighborhood watch is key.

"Many people work different hours so while some are at home others are at work and it gives that opportunity for there always to be eyes," Olive Branch Assistant Police Chief Mark Kimbell said.

"I pretty much stay up all night just to make sure if I see somebody at least I can call the police," said Jones.

Police are stepping up patrols, but aren't sure if it's teenagers or adults responsible. Neighbors say the more they spend on car repairs the less they'll have for their families this holiday season.

"It's Christmas," said Geer. "I'm not going to get mean spirited about it sir, but it's hard not to want to drop 'em all on their heads and teach some lessons."

Neighbors and Olive Branch police have been using Facebook to communicate about the crimes.

If you know anything call police at 662-892-9400.

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