Huge flames keep volunteer firefighters busy

Huge flames keep volunteer firefighters busy
(Source: Joiner Fire Dept)
(Source: Joiner Fire Dept)

(WMC-TV) – Volunteer fire crews in Joiner, Arkansas were busy Tuesday morning battling a fire that burned two buildings downtown.

The firefighters were alerted to the flames around 5 a.m.

Three things were housed in the buildings that caught fire: police department, an old laundromat, and an old church.

The laundromat and church were not in use and had no power, leading firefighters to believe that an arsonist could be responsible.

Because there are firewalls inside the buildings, the police department was not damaged. The building housing the old church and laundromat was completely destroyed.

"They lost everything in both buildings, but we saved the police department. There's no smoke damage, no nothing," said Elizabeth Mauppins, Joiner Fire Department.

It took fire crews about 2.5 hours to knock down the flames. They will continue to focus on hot spots throughout the day.

"It keeps lighting up in there. They keep going in and coming back out. It keeps blazing up so we'll be here pretty much all day," said Mauppins.

Joiner, Arkansas has a population of 579 people.

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