Lawsuit claims FedEx overcharges customers

Lawsuit claims FedEx overcharges customers

(WMC-TV) – FedEx is facing a class action complaint that claims the shipping giant has been overcharging customers for years.

On Monday, the same day that FedEx was expected to have its busiest day in its 40-year history, an amended class-action complaint was filed against the shipping giant in federal court in downtown Memphis.

Plaintiffs argue FedEx routinely charges business customers higher residential rates on purpose.

The amended complaint unsealed 11 internal e-mails that seem to indicate FedEx was aware of the problem but continued the practice anyway.

But a FedEx spokesperson says the complaint is merely a complaint, one it intends to fight, according to the following statement:

"FedEx built its reputation on award-winning customer service. We highly value our relationships with our customers and these relationships are at the core of all we do. These 11 documents do not tell the entire story of this case. We will continue to defend these allegations in a court of law and not the media."

FedEx says customers with billing concerns can seek a refund online at their website or by phone at 1-800-GoFedEx.

The complaint alleges the plaintiffs did contact FedEx but did not get a satisfactory response.

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