Bartlett homeowner confronts teen burglary suspect

Bartlett Homeowner Confronts Teen Burglary Suspect

BARTLETT, TN - (WMC-TV) – A Bartlett man confronted a suspected burglar Tuesday afternoon as he attempted to crawl through a window.  It happened in a neighborhood off Memphis-Arlington Road.

"There was an individual coming through my bathroom window," said the homeowner, who did not want to be identified out of fear.

He told Action News 5 what happened after he saw the burglar climbing in.

"I turned around and went upstairs and retrieved my weapon and came back downstairs expecting to find someone in my home," recalled the homeowner.

By that time he said the suspect backed out of the window.  However, the now armed homeowner confronted him in the yard.

"I let him know I had a weapon and had him come sit on the driveway until the police got here," said the homeowner.

He was shocked to learn the suspected burglar was just 14 years old.

"Not only could it have ended his life today but it could have really messed up mine," said the homeowner.  "For killing a 14 year-old."

Bartlett Police took the teenager to juvenile court and, at this point, believe the homeowner was within his rights in subduing him.

"And I made him keep his hands out of his pockets and made him sit here, like a criminal," said the homeowner.

He said he's sorry one bad decision might affect the young man forever.

We learned from Bartlett Police the 14 year-old suspect was listed as a runaway.

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