Andy's Got Your Back on a billing scam

Andy's Got Your Back on a billing scam

(WMC TV) - Small business owners, listen up.

Just because you get what looks like a bill in the mail doesn't mean it is a bill.

Small business owner Susan Mullen got a letter in the mail. It demanded she pay her "business license renewal fee."

But nowhere on it did it mention the county or state agency that issues her business license.

"My first instinct was to pay for it, then I remembered something I'd been told a while back, so I looked into it further," she said.

U.S. postal inspectors looked into it further, too.

"This mailing had no numbers, email addresses and no web site," said U.S. Postal Inspector Wynter Kugel. "There was no way to contact other than mailing your money to the post office."

No contacts on the letter. That was the scam's dead giveaway.

Oh, and the fine print at the bottom of it was a clue, too:  "This Is Not A Bill."

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